The Sydney Strength Training Model:

At Sydney Strength Training we acknowledge that strength is the physical attribute that underpins all others. Stronger people are healthier and experience a better quality of life, particularly as they age.

The people who benefit most from strength training are those in the second half of their lives. During this period our performance rapidly diminishes until we lose the freedom to use our bodies as we wish.

Strength training intervenes in this decline. By training for strength you build capacity, enabling you to remain free and independent for as long as possible.

The most effective way to improve strength is to perform movements that utilise the most muscle; through the greatest range of motion; with the most possible weight. These movements are then programmed in such a way that allow the workload to be slowly and methodically increased over time. As your body recovers and adapts to the ever increasing stress, you become stronger.


At Sydney Strength Training we train for strength to maximise healthspan.

To improve healthspan, is to improve life.

Sydney Strength Training therefore is Training. For Life.

If this philosophy resonates with you, then contact us to start training. For Life.