About Us

Our Difference

At Sydney Strength Training we believe everyone can benefit from strength training, regardless of age, ability, or experience levels. We specialise in introducing strength training to people who might not have lifted a weight before, and it is the following attributes that make us so effective at this:


We are not your average ‘meat head’ trainers. Our professional backgrounds allow us to maintain close working relationships with some of the best General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Sports Physicians, Surgeons and Endocrinologists in Australia.


Sydney Strength Training combines fundamental principles of human movement, nutrition and recovery into one comprehensive program. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We do the basics right. We blend science and experience to develop confident, health and independent people. We never sacrifice health in pursuit of performance or appearance. We train to live stronger for longer. We train for life.


While the principle of stress/recovery/adaptation applies to all human, the implementation of this principle in a training program must be tailored to the individual. At Sydney Strength Training we provide a supportive and non-threatening environment where you are only pushed as far as is necessary to produce a positive training effect. All our programs are tailored to the individual, so regardless of your ability, or experience, we can personalise a program that will achieve your goals.


No hype, no gimmicks and no fluff. What you see is what you get – extremely high quality coaching in a supportive and welcoming environment.


We cut through the noise that exists in the fitness industry to present our clients with an approach that is simple and effective.


Strength training is something we believe to be a lifelong pursuit. To make strength training a habit that is sustainable in the long-term, it needs to fit in with your life. We design programs that are tailored to your own individual constraints so that they are achievable, and sustainable. We work closely with our clients to make sure they enjoy their strength training program, and we make adjustments to ensure enjoyment and compliance over the long-term.


We are a private facility with two specialist coaches so our capacity is strictly limited.


Sydney Strength Training is a members only facility. We have a huge 380sqm gym floor where members are afforded the luxury of space to move freely and privately. In our gym members never need to share equipment.

At Sydney Strength Training we train for strength and health, to improve our quality of life.

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