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Sami El-Zein

Jack Heavey

After beginning strength training at 14 to supplement his rugby training, Jack quickly began to love strength training and all the benefits that came with it. Naturally, after being forced to retire through multiple shoulder injuries, Jack turned his attention solely to Powerlifting and strength based training. Where he went on to compete multiple times.

Jack went on to graduate with an honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Limerick in 2020. Through his own injuries he also became interested in preventative exercise and rehabilitation. With the benefits of strength training in aging populations being one of the main areas of research throughout his degree.

After graduating, Jack began coaching and since then has helped many people reach their health and fitness goals. He has worked with a wide range of people from high-level powerlifters to general population.

Jack has recently moved to Sydney from Ireland and has found a new home in Sydney Strength Training.

At Sydney Strength Training we train for strength and health, to improve our quality of life.

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