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Our Philosophy

At Sydney Strength Training we specialise in introducing normal people, who might have never set foot in a gym before, to training with weights. We have all the tools and knowhow to accommodate people of all ages and abilities in a safe, supportive, and friendly environment.

Everyone can benefit from strength training but the people who benefit most from increased strength are those in the second half of their lives. During this period our ability and health rapidly diminishes as we become, amongst other things – sarcopenic, osteoporotic, and arthritic, until we lose the freedom to use our bodies as we wish. This leads to a lack of confidence, ability, and ultimately independence.

Strength training is a genuine fountain of youth as it intervenes in this decline and changes the trajectory of your ageing journey. By training for strength you build ability, confidence, and the general health you need to remain free and independent into your later years.

The most effective way to improve strength is to perform safe exercises that utilise lots of muscles at the same time, through large ranges of motion. These movements must be carefully organised in a way that allows the workload to be slowly, and methodically, increased over time to suit your individual situation and goals. As your body recovers and adapts to the training, you immediately start to reap the rewards!

Strength training really is for everyone so why not get in touch and find out how we can help you to improve your health, and quality of life, today!

At Sydney Strength Training we train for strength and health, to improve our quality of life.

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