Australia’s First Starting Strength Coach

In July 2016 Sydney Strength Training Head Coach – Joe Pemberton – travelled to Seattle to attend a Starting Strength Seminar.

At the seminar Joe was immersed in the Starting Strength model of barbell training and was evaluated on his ability to coach to this model.

Joe was fortunate enough to pass this evaluation, which afforded him the opportunity of completing the Starting Strength Coaches written exam.

The exam is a monster with questions ranging from a technical analysis of biomechanics; to anatomy; and multiple case studies. Joe’s final submission extended to over 40 pages!

After a nervous wait Joe heard the great news that he passed the written exam, and had the honour of become Australia’s first Starting Strength Coach!

Please watch this video – courtesy of Starting Strength – which succinctly explains what Starting Strength is all about, and what it means to be a Starting Strength Coach.


A Smarter Approach to Training – Sydney Strength Training on

Sydney Strength Training Coach Joe Pemberton was recently interviewed by the My Small Business section of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The interview focussed on how Sydney Strength Training is carving out a new niche for clients who have grown wary of the fads and trends that permeate the fitness industry, and are now seeking training advice that is simple, sane and sustainable.

To read the full interview click here: A Smarter Approach to Training or click ‘Read More’ below.

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