Marion Baird Dominates Australian Masters Powerlifting Championship with Deadlift Record

On Sunday the 2nd of June, Marion Baird and Sydney Strength Training coach Rheece Stennett made their way up to Cairns for the Powerlifting Australia – Australian Masters Powerlifting Championships.

Marion set an Australian record in the deadlift at 130kg, smashing her own record by another 5kg. At the time of the meet, Marion was 18 months post full knee replacement. Marion now has the Powerlifting Australia masters squat and bench press records in her sights.

You can see more of Marion, and others at Sydney Strength Training’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Sydney Strength Training & Barbell Medicine

In August 2018 I decided to formally relinquished my Starting Strength Coach credential, and Sydney Strength Training’s “a Starting Strength Gym” title.

I became a Starting Strength Coach in August 2016, and was the first in Sydney as well as Australia.

This was a great honour and I will be eternally grateful to Starting Strength and Mark Rippetoe for the opportunities that being a Starting Strength Coach, and owning a Starting Strength Gym, have afforded me.

I was also a coach at Starting Strength Online Coaching for a period of time, and was able to distill what I believed did, and didn’t work, in an online coaching environment.

As time passed, and my experience and knowledge grew, I found myself drawn towards coaching tools that didn’t necessarily conform with the stated positions of Starting Strength, and Starting Strength Online Coaching.

It is my belief that to be the most effective coach you must have a vast array of tools at your disposal, and be afforded the freedom to dispatch these tools as your experience, and the best evidence, deems necessary.

With that being said it is with great pride and pleasure that I announce my position as a coach with Barbell Medicine.

At Barbell Medicine we draw upon the best available evidence to formulate approaches to training and health, that are cutting edge in the health and fitness industry. We are not married to our approach, and as evidence arises that refutes our positions, we are willing to absorb this and evolves the way we coach.

As a coach with Barbell Medicine I am encouraged to express my coaching skills without constraint, in the quest to give my online clients the ultimate online coaching experience, not just by giving them effective programming and form analysis, but by tailoring these programs to their individual lifestyle and psychology.

I will be available with Barbell Medicine for one-on-one online coaching where I provide my clients programs customised to their specific goals whether that be weight loss, powerlifting, hypertrophy, strength or just general health.

You can also find me on the Barbell Medicine Group Programming private Facebook group where I offer our clients form checks and advice about their programming.

To find out more about Barbell Medicine check out:

For Barbell Medicine customised Online Coaching:

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