In August 2018  – Joe Pemberton – became affiliated with Barbell Medicine – a US based company whose mission is to bring modern medicine to strength and conditioning.


Switching from Starting Strength to Barbell Medicine:


In 2018 Joe decided to relinquished his Starting Strength Coach credential, and Sydney Strength Training’s “a Starting Strength Gym” title.

Joe became a Starting Strength Coach in August 2016, and was the first in Sydney and Australia.

To be an effective coach you must have a vast array of tools at your disposal. You must also have the freedom to dispatch these tools as your experience, and the best evidence, deems necessary. The stated position of Starting Strength didn’t allow Joe to coach in the most effective manner for his clients, therefore he relinquished the credential. By taking the best parts of Starting Strength, and replacing the less optimal, a higher level of coaching can be achieved.

With that being said, it is with great pleasure that Joe announces his position as a coach with Barbell Medicine.

As a coach with Barbell Medicine Joe is encouraged to express his coaching skills without constraint, thereby becoming a more effective coach..

Joe’s mission is to give his online clients the ultimate online coaching experience. Not just by giving them effective programming, and form analysis, but by tailoring these programs to their individual lifestyles and personalities.

Joe is available with Barbell Medicine for one-on-one online coaching. Here he provides his clients programs customised to their specific goals. These goals include weight loss, powerlifting, hypertrophy, strength, and general health.

You can also find Joe on the Barbell Medicine Group Programming private Facebook group. Here he offers clients form checks, and advice, about their programming.

To find out more check out: www.barbellmedicine.com

For customised Online Coaching: https://www.barbellmedicine.com/consults-and-contact/