In this article we will cover the best method for filming the squat, bench press, deadlift and press. Quality footage is vital for online coaching feedback, and getting likes on Instagram!


We recommend using a smart phone, with a tripod. Turn the phone on its side so the video is in landscape mode. Here is an example of such a setup:


Camera Setup for filming lifts

Good setup – smartphone, tripod, landscape


If you don’t want to invest $30 in a tripod (like this) then here are some other makeshift setups you might like to try:


Camera setup for lifting

Ye olde chalk bowl setup


Lifting video setup

Ye olde shoe lean on stool


Makeshift lifting camera setup

Ye olde stack of crap setup



The main thing with filming video is to get your whole body in frame. A 45 degree angle from about hip height is usually the best place to start. Here are some examples of how to film each lift:


Squat camera setup

Squat camera setup

Squat video angle

Squat camera view

Bench Press:

Bench press camera setup

Bench Press camera setup

Bench press camera view

Bench Press camera view


Deadlift camera setup

Deadlift camera setup

Deadlift camera view

Deadlift camera view


Press camera setup

Press camera setup

Press camera view

Press camera view


It is best if you can edit your video to start from when you start the lift, and end when you finish the lift.