On the 15th of September, Sydney Strength Training took a team of 8 lifters to the Top Lifter IV powerlifting competition in Redfern, Sydney. This was the first time that such a large group of SST members competed at the same meet, making for a very exciting day.

All 8 lifters achieved personal bests on the day, with some medaling and one lifter being awarded Female Lifter of the meet. See below for detailed results and check out the Instagram of some of our members in action!

Marion Baird: Squat 82kg (PR), Bench Press 55kg, Deadlift 127kg

Rachael Fisher: Squat 121kg (PR), Bench Press 75kg, Deadlift 160kg

Kylie Lenton: Squat 107kg (PR), Bench Press 71kg (PR), Deadlift 142 (PR), Awarded Female Lifter of the meet

Mit Lalich: Squat 200kg (PR), Bench Press 110 (PR), Deadlift 220 (PR), Silver medal in the 85kg weight class

Jorge Borges: Squat 147kg (PR), Bench Press 102kg (PR), Deadlift 175kg (PR)

Christopher Stennett: Squat 120kg (PR), Bench Press 77kg (PR), Deadlift 150kg (PR)

Sami El Zein: Deadlift 230kg (PR)

Ed Cooley: Bench Press 108kg (PR), Deadlift 170kg (PR)